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(what others are saying about me)

I love working with Mandy. She is an artist of the soul who knows how to enter heartache under the aegis of the Spirit of God. She follows the trajectory of a life to the apex of who we are meant to be and bears deep wisdom about how we are to live out our calling. She is Christ-follower without a drop of religiosity. Mandy is kind, generous, wise, and fierce in her commitment to see dignity and freedom grow in the heart. I trust her deeply and would gratefully send anyone I love to walk with her in the pursuit of life. 

- Dan Allender, Ph.D.

(author; founder of The Allender Center at The Seattle School; founding president and professor of Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology)

Mandy is a kind, wise woman who knows how to deeply listen and ask questions that invite desire and imagination. The creative artist in her knows where to look for beauty and how to hold onto hope, and the resilient courageous woman who has done her own work knows how to come alongside and bear with. With the breadth and depth of her training and personal experience, Mandy offers attuned care to the soul, heart, mind, and body.

- Jennifer Oyama Murphy

(Manager of Leadership Development and Training & Pastoral Care Team member at The Allender Center at The Seattle School)

Mandy Hughes is likely one of the most intuitively intelligent people I have known. Her ability to understand others based on very limited information is uncanny.

- Nader Sahyouni, D.min.

(Licensed Professional Counselor; spiritual director)

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