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(frequently asked questions)

What is transformational coaching, exactly?

While many forms of coaching focus primarily on what you do (by helping you set and attain achievable goals, for example), transformational coaching focuses more on who you are (including how you see yourself and how these perceptions keep you from living your life to the fullest). Personally, I aim to address not only your perceptions of yourself but also the stories that have contributed to those perceptions. 

What happens in a coaching session?

In your first session, we'll talk about what you hope to gain from transformational coaching, and I'll answer any questions you have about the process or my approach to coaching. By the end of our first session, we might have some idea of how I can best join and empower you, but at this point we're still getting to know each other and what you might need. How we proceed depends somewhat on your individual needs, desires, and style of relating. If you want to read more about my approach before you schedule an appointment, you can do so here

How much do sessions cost?

A typical session costs $130 and lasts 50 minutes; however, longer sessions, group sessions, and package discounts are also available. See my Services page for details.   

Where are you located?

I live and work in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I coach people all over the world. (See next question for more info.)

Do you offer sessions via Skype or FaceTime?

I offer remote coaching sessions to individuals around the globe! Instead of Skype or FaceTime, I use a HIPPA compliant application called SimplePractice.


How often will we meet, and for what duration?

It's up to you! I usually recommend meeting at least once a week at first, because more progress will happen the more often we meet. At what point we decrease the frequency of our meetings (or stop meeting altogether) is ultimately up to you and will depend on how satisfied you are with the progress you're making. 


What kind of education and/or training have you had?

You can read about this on my More About Me page. 

How do I know if transformational coaching is right for me?

Transformational coaching is for anyone who hopes to better understand who they are and how their relationship to both their internal and external worlds impacts how they live and grow. If you're ready to take a deeper look at yourself, your story, and your impact on the world around you, then transformational coaching might be for you! 

If you're still wondering if I'm the right person to join you on your transformational journey, you might take a look at my list of specialties, visit the Approach or More About Me pages of this site, or explore my blog, Break Into Light (links to my most recent posts below).


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