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Here's a quick summary of who I am, what I offer, and how you can begin your transformational journey with me. 

About Me
I've spent a lot of years engaging my own and others' stories, and I've learned that no matter where we've been or what we carry with us, we each have our own way of making the world more beautiful. I'll help you identify and transform the burdens that keep you from being who you were made to be. While I trust my own experience and will lead when needed, I also trust your soul already knows exactly what you need — so my main job is to help you listen to it! 
About My Coaching Services
I offer two kinds of transformational coaching: personal coaching and leadership coaching. One 50-minute session with me costs $180, and one 75-minute session costs $270. In your first session, we'll talk about the transformation you want and how we might move forward. 

If you're ready to schedule an appointment, you can contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

If you want to get a better idea of who I am, check out my blog, Break Into Light.

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