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More About Me

(where I've been, and where I'll go with you)


My Hope

I love to join those who find themselves in dark or unfamiliar places. Darkness can be terrible, and it can also be gloriously transformative. Often the latter has everything to do with the people who walk with us along the way.


Familiar with seasons of grief and uncertainty, I have found Barbara Brown Taylor's words to be true: “There is a light that shines in the darkness, which is only visible there.” I've needed a lot of help to find that light. And I'm so much more me since I have. 


I'd love to help you uncover more light, and also uncover more you. You might think these are two different things, the light and you, but I've come to think they're one and the same. You are light, and you are made to bring light to dark places. 

As your transformational coach, I will help you identify and transform any burden that keeps you from fully becoming who you were made to be. While I trust my own experience and will lead when needed, I also trust your soul knows exactly what you need — so my main job is to help you listen to it! Together we'll enable you to claim your own light, because the world needs more of you.


My Experience

For the past eight years, I've been empowering clients to become more whole, more alive, and more free. I've also completed Levels 1 and 2 of Internal Family Systems training and studied extensively with The Allender Center at The Seattle School, where I sometimes facilitate story groups for The Allender Center Story Workshops and Certificate Programs. But most valuable of all is the experience I've had pursuing my own transformation and wholeness, since I cannot take anyone anywhere I haven't already been.  

My Credentials

  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College

  • Level 1 Training Program in Internal Family Systems Therapy, IFS Institute

  • Level 2 Intensive Training Program in Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS, Trauma and Neuroscience: Overcoming the Roadblocks To Healing), IFS Institute

  • Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care, The Allender Center at The Seattle School

  • Externship, The Allender Center at The Seattle School 

  • Fellowship, The Allender Center at The Seattle School

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