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Waiting For Light

At the start of 2011, during a season of deep grief, I found myself writing these words to music: “Break into light; light will come. Break; in, the light will come.” As a new year began, while all I could see was darkness, I needed to believe that light would return — and that even in my breaking, light would increase.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. Like a new moon, this day marks the darkest point of a cycle but also a new beginning — a point when light is about to return, and also increase. Just when the world seems darkest, we remember that light has come before, and light will come again.

And then some.

Actually, many faith traditions celebrate light during this dark season. The tradition in which I grew up observes Advent, a period leading up to Christmas when believers remember the stories surrounding Christ's birth, and remember that Christ will come again. As they remember, they light candles, sing carols, and read verses like this one, believed to be written by Jesus' friend John: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

And nature reminds us that John's words are true: the sun is no less bright even when we cannot see it, even when the moon looks dark. We’re just waiting to see more light again.

So however you choose to celebrate this season, or if you choose not to celebrate at all, I wonder if you’ll listen to nature’s invitation:

Whatever light you need right now, will you dare to believe light has come before, and will you dare to hope light will come again?

Though the darkness breaks you, it won’t have the last word. Light will break, too.

And then some.


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